5th mini album (beast)


On August 7th, idol group B2ST released the limited edition of their fifth mini-album ‘Midnight Sun‘, which was released on the 22nd of last month.
B2ST had placed up to second with the original version of ‘Midnight Sun’ when it came to total number of albums sold, but with the release of their limited edition, the boys rose to the #1 spot in just a single day.
With their upbeat electronic dance track “Beautiful Night“, the B2ST members are receiving praise for their carefree and exciting stage performances, and the refreshing song is one that is perfect for any summer night.
The wedding-concept pictorial released with this new limited edition album is also being widely talked about amongst fans. For the first time since their debut, the members have transformed into six sweet grooms dressed in tuxedos, and each completed a photo shoot that brought out each of their individual charms.
This unique concept not only gave the boys a more approachable ‘boyfriend-idol’ image, it left fans daydreaming of one day walking down the aisle with the members.
B2ST’s limited edition ‘Midnight Sun’ album includes 84 pages of unreleased B2ST photos, along with a wallet, a star card, and more.
With their new album, the boys who have proved that they are one of today’s most powerful boy groups are actively promoting on radio shows, music programs, and variety shows.

the songs :
01. Midnight (Composed by Shinsadong TigerChoi Kyu Sung; Lyrics by Shinsadong Tiger, Junhyung; Arranged by Shinsadong Tiger)
02. Beautiful Night (Title Track; Composed by goodnightsleep well; Lyrics by 4realz; Arranged by goodnight, sleep well)
03. It’s Not Me (Composed by Rado; Lyrics by Rado, Junhyung; Arranged by Rado)
04. When I Miss You (Composed by Choi Kyu Sung; Lyrics by Choi Kyu Sung, Junhyung; Arranged by Choi Kyu Sung)
05. The Day You Rest (Composed, Arranged, Lyrics Written by Junhyung, Kim Tae Joo)
06. Dream Girl (Composed, Arranged, Lyrics Written by Junhyung, Kim Tae Joo)

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